The Research Group on the Sociology of Education

1) The composition of the research group

The research group started is activities in 1966 under the leadership of professor Mikk Titma, in 1974 - 1981 it was headed by professor Paul Kenkmann and from 1982 to 2003 by senior researcher Jüri Saarniit.

The size and composition of the research group have undergone significant changes during this time.

Currently the group includes:

Most large-scale researches projects have been carried out in close cooperation with youth sociologists from the Academy of Sciences whose leader since 1974 has been professor Mikk Titma (currently the Tallinn research group is headed by Rein Vöörmann).

2) The research group was set up in 1966.

The chief research topic concerns youth’s life careers and specially the role of education in this, relying upon two types of studies.


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