The Prevention of Crime 1986-1990

1. The elaboration of a program about social prevention of crime and securing crime-related information in all administrative units of the Estonian S.S.R. Stages I-IV. 2. The Ministry for Education of the Estonian S.S.R. 3. The study was carried out by the Laboratory of Deviant Behavior at Tartu University. The research team included:

Eduard Raska - D.Sc., Head of the laboratory Jüri Saar - researcher Jaan Ginter - researcher Ivo Lätti - junior researcher Judit Strömpl - senior engineer R. Kõiv - senior laboratory assistant

4. The address:

Tiigi 78-219 EE2400 Tartu Tel: 37-27-430 809

5. The research subjects were 10th grade students (several thousands) and 450 000 adults.

6. The main research directions.

· studying the social conditions of crime in Estonia and compiling a data bank: demographic situation and crime · statistical description and analysis of city’s crime situation - informational guarantees of the crime prevention program · the crime situation in Tartu

7. The data were collected in 1984/85 - 1989 8. The data were collected by means of the questionnaire "I and our life" (in Estonian and Russian). 9. There are 10 publications on this research.

E.Raska. Social program: crime prevention. Theoretical and practical problems. Tallinn, 1987.

... (Theoretical problems of studying regional differences in crime: the social aspects of crime prevention) The proceedings of Tartu University. Tartu, 1988 (a collection of research materials)

(Theoretical problems of studying regional differences in crime: social and legal aspects of violence) The proceedings of Tartu University. Tartu, 1989 (a collection of research papers)

E.Raska’s doctoral thesis.

11. The overview was written by J. Strömpl Tiigi 78-219 Tartu EE2400 Tel: 37-27-430 809